Abby B 23 April 2019 – Facebook Group
Recommends Serviced Accommodation Secrets.

Their podcast has given me to courage to go out and start my own SA business

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars – Stitcher
Nick2night · 2 months ago
Great content

This show has amazing content and goes into the real world hacks that we need to implement as SA operators. I look forward to the future episodes.

Leon7895, 15/02/2019 – iTunes
The best Serviced Accommodation podcast by far and here’s why…

Sally generously shares her transition from artist to Serviced Accommodation operator with an entertaining, informal and very relatable style. Much more than an overview or teaser trailer to further training, the episodes are both in depth and easy to follow. The podcasts are chatty and engaging yet clearly structured with an introduction of topics followed by a detailed expansion on each and ending with a clear summary. Favourite episodes so far: NO 9 – a really detailed checklist of considerations to make when assessing the viability of a property -and the Episode with the brilliant Ahmed Khan (who famously runs his business on an iPhone). Khan’s hilarious account of the early days when spare keys were kept, unlabelled in a box… somewhere, brought a very human element showing that we will all make mistakes at the start. He didn’t let these things hinder him and neither will I! Thanks Sally – keep them coming. An inspiring insight into the world that is Serviced Accommodation.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars – Stitcher
Joie · 2 months ago
Excellent Show, Very Informative

Sally presents the show very well and gives deep insights into the day-to-day running of a serviced accommodation unit. This is a very informative podcast and recommended for people just new to the industry or people already established in the industry. You’re sure to get amazing value from this show !

Bruno.Sharad, 14/02/2019 – iTunes
Go-to starter pack

As someone who is embarking on the journey of SA, I have listened to all of Sally’s podcast. It is the perfect place to get up to speed with everything you need to know when starting off. It has been invaluable to me. Her tips and tricks have enlightened me and not to mention how useful it is that she has each podcast starting with a summary list of points. Which she then expands in detail with real life examples. It has been really useful that have even suggested it to others. Keep it up Sally – looking forward to your next podcasts !

Paul W Storey, 03/01/2019 – iTunes
Every SA operator should subscribe

Jammed full of great information and useful tips for everyone from someone just starting out to the seasoned SA operator.

Ali_spencer123, 24/11/2018 – iTunes
The Golden Egg of Advice

Thank you so much for your valuable information, Your wise knowledge and experience is so valuable to so many newbies like myself , I’m all ears and eager 👍😁

Purely SA, 23/11/2018 – iTunes
Approachable, informative with great values

This is a must listen for anyone starting out or considering Serviced Accommodation. Sally is clearly a fabulous person who cares about her guests and staff. A step by step approach, is really helping me with my set up!

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars – Stitcher
DaveH80 · 9 months ago
A great intro in to serviced accommodation

The reason I enjoy this podcast so much, is because it has been created by someone who hasn’t just learned what to do… but has put it in practise and is running a successful serviced accommodation business.
How better to find out about the world of SA than from someone that has “been there” and “done that” and knows the potential pitfalls to help stop you making the same mistakes.
Thoroughly recommended!

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars – Stitcher
Konrad Walotka · 9 months ago
Recommended to all

Very good podcast with lots of useful tips and hints. Great for those who starting with Serviced Accommodation and for those who looking to improve the existing ones. Sally is lovely person sharing all these with us. Looking forward for more episodes.