Online Event with Iris Chirisa and the Supported Living Group

In mid April it was my absolute privilege to work with Iris Chirisa and share my SA knowledge and systems with this group of supported living business people   – how to set up and run your successful SA Business.

Iris runs her own supported living business and is the founder of the Newbies Supported Living group, as well as sharing her Business Midwife support to empower you in your businesses.

This was all about learning my SERVE model to set up and structure your own SA business.

Doing it the right way will enable you to create regular cash flow & profits to build a solid foundation for your life.

There was an awesome group of individuals asking insightful questions, and I made sure the event was packed with detailed information to give you a lot to work from yourself to get started and systemised in serviced accommodation.

You can purchase a recording of this event for £71 now here:

I look forward to making your SA journey more fun and more successful!

Thanks so to Iris for the opportunity to present this 🙂

All the best,
Sally 🙂

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