Mark Simpson of Boostly – interviewed today!!

Live Interview on Facebook

Today was very exciting because my guest on a Facebook Live and Serviced Accommodation Secrets interview was the one and only Mark Simpson founder of Boostly and now an author of a No. 1 Amazon bestseller – The Book Direct Playbook! 🙂 

Mark is known as the Book Direct Guy and is the founder of the Facebook Hospitality Community, the accredited Boostly Academy and he’s involved in many other aspects of the short term rental industry sector – serving the hospitality sector with the tools and tactics they need to become visible to guests, getting direct bookings instead of being at the mercy of the OTAs. 

I find Mark’s Boostly Academy and campaigns really great and very useful to learn and reach more potential guests and visibility.

Mark is empowering short term rental hosts  to control their own bookings and place their guests at the centre of everything they do – one of his favourite phrases is, “Never build your house on someone else’s land.”

Mark says it’s so important to be in control of your own destiny as a host, which was never more apparent than during lockdown!

I’ve been dipping into Mark’s new book and starting to complete the ‘Get it done’ tasks – his style is entertaining and easy to read, lots of analogies and examples to illustrate what needs to be done!!

Already I’ve learnt some nuggets like how to get more reviews.

You can get the book here:

Buy The Book Direct Playbook by Mark Simpson

See the Facebook live interview here – till its a podcast in my Serviced Accommodation Secrets new series.
Watch the Facebook live interview

Thanks again to Mark!! 🙂


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