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Hi, it’s Sally here – I run my systemised rent to SA business with our successful units in SE England, host the weekly Serviced Accommodation Secrets podcast and FB communities.

I’m inviting you to apply to join me on my Online Elite Mentorship and Mastermind which I’ve created for younew 6 months starting Spring 2023


I regularly answer many detailed questions from my podcast listeners and SA WhatsApp group community, as well as requests for the tools and documents I use in our SA business, so it was you who made me decide that it’s time to share these in a way that I can also support you in using them too.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, working really long hours and feeling like you’re barely keeping up or maybe even losing money?

Have you ever been given a tool or training to do something in your SA business, but then struggled to put it into action?

When you come to do it for real, does it seem way harder than you hoped it would be?

Do you feel like you struggle to get started and feel disengaged or held back by yourself?

Whether you are new or experienced, my mission is to help you bridge the reality gap between your current learning and getting to that place where you are implementing the valuable knowledge I will share with you.

Online Elite Mentorship …Zoom 1-2-1 sessions every other week – next starting Spring 2023
– 3 months of 1-2-1 Zoom calls every other week with tailored coaching and mentoring
Option to extend to 6 months

Learning and bespoke training – our business tools shared
You get all our systems and I’ll show you how to recruit and train your SA VA

If you prefer group learning…..
I’d love you to join me on my:
Online Elite SA Mastermind for 6 months which I’ve created for up to 6 people.

6 month Online Elite Mastermind – these can be a standalone package

Sign up at:

You will get:
✅ Live webinars every other week with me – In depth learning, Q & A and weekly accountability
✅ Online learning portal content to learn each week to refer to forever – foundation and advanced
✅ The SERVE model I have developed to structure and implement the business
✅ Advanced deep dive session into what steps to take next
✅ Our systems and outsourcing –for you to implement these too
✅ Actions to implement straight away
✅ Accountability and weekly goal setting to make the absolute most of your training
✅ Financial management in your business
✅ Bespoke sessions depending on your experience
✅ Holistic approach, building wealth and mindset mastery

✰ Bonus 1: Extra content in your webinar learning that includes new marketing techniques and SA learnings/experiences as we expand and scale our business FREE – Value £1000

✰ Bonus 2: Access to my Exclusive closed Facebook group for Online Elite Mastermind members only Value £300

✰ Bonus 3: Suite of SA documents and templates– business plan, pitching to agents scripts Value £1000

✰ Bonus 4: SA technical toolset including the famous SA Evaluator Toolset and SA set up MoSCoW Value £1500

Starting summer 2022 for 6 months, and all online so very convenient no matter where you are based!


You will learn and have support putting them into action.

Does that sound good?  Yes or Yes?!!

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Why am I offering this now?

It’s time to celebrate!!! 🙂

I’ve been helping SA operators since November 2018 with my free Podcast Serviced Accommodation Secrets and we’re relaunching after PASSING THE 100th Episode – this is amazing to me, and it is proof that if you have faith in the process you will get to the goals you have set – to achieve your dreams!! You can do this just as surely as I’ve got our SA business running profitably and publish my podcast successfully week in, week out!!

If you’ve ever felt that events have happened in your life that left you broken, somehow less and not worthy of success or lasting happiness, then what I’m sharing in this mastermind will help you and are the most empowering actions that I have taken, and if you are lucky enough to have had no tragedies, this will strengthen your mindset and resolve to succeed. 

For me, building strength back into my mind, body and spirit through learning, self-care and sharing helps me overcome my personal tragedy and find meaning in what happened.

Many people have been through terrible events and traumas and I am very fortunate with the life I now have with my family, but it has been a struggle to recover.

At the time I was pregnant with our second child, and for those of you with families and children you’ll know that it’s a wonderful and exciting time.  Babies are real people from the word go, which shouldn’t really be a surprise, but the journey of our daughter Izzy’s learning was a joy to watch.

But we were told that our 18 month old daughter had a brain tumour and it was not possible to remove it surgically because it was on her brain stem, so the operation would kill her or severely damage her.

If you’ve ever had a personal tragedy, you’ll know that the bottom fell out of our world the moment we found out.

However, the euphoria of the birth of our second daughter 2 weeks later helped us to struggle back into life after this trauma.  Our family and friends were overjoyed, and I was a mother again.

If you have lost someone dear to you, like we lost Izzy, it can make you realise the short time we had together was even more precious, and this made me fully realise the value of family in my life, so I promised myself that I would always put my family and my children beyond everything else.

Pete and I rebuilt our lives and our third child Becky was born in the year 2000.

Caring for our children and teaching them, made me realise how much I love to share knowledge, to teach and help people, the way we had been helped, and to give back.  Now they have grown into wonderful young adults.

As I’m a very positive person, this has always been brushed under the carpet, and I got on with everything ‘as normal’, but the feeling of being broken and feeling limited was hard to see past.

This year my husband Pete and I began a real healing process and started to feel that I was reconciled with the good I could find in this tragedy, especially having spent a week with a group of amazing people at the Progressive ESR course, where we all shared our journeys.

This was suddenly shattered by the very near loss of a very close family member, only two weeks after ESR in April 2019, which was a huge shock.

And again, we have been rebuilding our lives as a family since then, but all the while running the SA business, learning and growing as individuals and expanding money mindset and systems.

Seeing people learn and develop successfully is wonderful to me, and I have learnt so much from many people in my SA education too.

I have enormous gratitude for all that I have in my life, and especially to my husband Pete who pushes the boundaries of Excel to create awesome business tools.

So, it’s very much time for me to share with you these learnings.

Whatever we have gone through it hasn’t defeated us, it’s brought us to this moment in time where we can learn with purpose and strength

Engage in my online Mastermind for the opportunity to change your business and your life for the better.

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