Hospitable Hosts 5 months on!!

Amazingly it’s 5 months since the international bestseller ‘Hospitable Hosts’ was launched and it’s been brilliant fun catching up with these inspirational co-authors recently…fun and so much knowledge shared in these interviews, soon to be podcasts, thanks so much  and ,  and  for joining me to chat recently.

I’m thrilled that the first of these podcasts is live now with @thesocialmediahotelier Instagram expert extraordinaire for the hospitality industry!!
Paul reveals his secrets…..⁠

  •  You are not alone⁠
  •  Setting Personal/Professional Boundaries⁠
  •  It’s ok to say “No”⁠
  • Progress before Perfection⁠
  • The “Yes and…” Mindset⁠

Honest shares from Paul and so key to your SA business!!

You can listen to Paul on the podcast here:

You can buy Hospitable Hosts 2022 here:

Massive thanks again for joining me,, and I am sure you’ll all hope you all enjoy this series….

Here’s Paul below explaining the magic he’ll help you create with your Instagram marketing for your short term rental business!

Above is Andrew Hanson, provides fun and relaxing times at his gorgeous homes on the water Pond Life vacation rentals in New Hampshire and Florida USA

Left – The inimitable Kim Herrlein – Purveyors of Leisure with beautiful homes in Palm Springs USA

And below, the amazing Tim Mortimer of BNB Made Easy, Orange NSW Australia – successfully grew his company to 120 homes in a very short space of time!

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