Celebrating over 3 years since I launched my podcast is amazing and exciting to me – you’ve given me such great feedback and to say thank you and reach more new and established SA operators I’m opening up more places on my WhatsApp group!!

This has become a great community and you can ask questions, share thoughts and anxieties, successes and talk all things SA!

I share tips and a deeper commentary on our business than I share on Facebook and other social media.

It’s nearly 5 years since I started our SA business with my husband Peter, and we ran our apartments successfully throughout lockdown at our apartments in Redhill, Surrey working with freeholder developers – and we’re expanding again ready to move forward!

Our monthly business revenue is in 5 figures and we’ve a great mix of corporate, direct and OTA bookings, with many repeat guests.

It took us quite a while to find our rent to rent apartments in Redhill, Surrey, but set up our three one beds, then added to our rent to SA portfolio in 2018 and then in 2021 as things became busy again during the later stages of Covid19 lock down.

We put the theory into practice and found our wealth of knowledge served us well, but when faced with the reality of running SA, the learning curve is steep!!

Here we share some of our stories, experiences, mistakes and key insights that I hope will help you along your way if you’re new to SA, or a veteran, and bridge the reality gap between learning and the set up & running of Serviced Accommodation.

Thanks so much, Sally 🙂