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I am heart-led – I want you to do very well and succeed in life and I spread meaningful, useful knowledge to set you free

Pete and I were fresh off our Serviced Accommodation Masterclass with Progressive, full of energy and excitement, training given by Paul & Aniko Smith and team at the time.

…then we joined the SA Mastermind for six months and that was enlightening.

It took us quite a while to find rent to rent apartments in Redhill, Surrey, but finally found some in July.  They were new builds, and once they were signed off by Building Control, we set them up and went live in September.

We put the theory into practice and found our wealth of knowledge served us well, but when faced with the reality of running SA, the learning curve is steep!!

Here we share some of our stories, experiences, mistakes and key insights that I hope will help you along your way if you’re new to SA, or a veteran, and bridge the reality gap between learning and the set up & running of Serviced Accommodation.

For your vision - Your success

Excited to share!!
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